Each year we like to take this special time to focus on more than just receiving by making what’s precious to God, precious to us. One of the ways we do this is through our giving. For this year’s Christmas offering, we will be supporting our missions partner, I Am Help as well as working to pay off the debt of our Lakeland Campus.

I Am Help

We partner with ministries and missionaries all around the world year-round and one of those partners is I Am Help. They are a missions organization that connects churches and other donors to global missions. They understand that support to a missionary is like fuel to a car, it keeps it going! From Venezuela to Thailand, they support, raise awareness and connect missionaries all over the world, helping them accomplish what God has called them to do. We want to be able to bless I Am Help this year with $50,000.

Lakeland Debt Payoff

We are one church with multiple campuses, and this year for Big Give we want to work on paying off the debt of our Lakeland Campus so we can further reach our community and our world for His kingdom. About five years ago, we officially opened Phase 2 of our Lakeland Campus and since then we’ve been able to see so much fruit come out of this campus! It’s from Lakeland that we were able to launch our Highland Colony campus in 2020 during a pandemic and see nearly 1,000 people come to church each Sunday. Through the Lakeland Campus, we’ve been able to launch the Fondren Campus to reach the young adult community in our capital city. And it’s through Lakeland that we’ll see the Poindexter Campus come to life right in the heart of Jackson. We’ve been able to do so much in these last few years, can you imagine what we can accomplish when Lakeland is completely debt free?

When we pay off this debt, we vow to spend one year giving $100,000 each month to a missionary around the world. We want to expand Highland Colony to seat even more people in the sanctuary and expand our kids’ department. We’ll use the land behind our Lakeland Campus to launch sports fields for the community, create a youth and internship facility, expand our online campus and so much more! We know there is much more to come from Word of Life, and specifically, our Lakeland Campus, and this will happen so much faster when we’re finally debt-free.

We know that with this seed into our campus as well as I Am Help, together we will reach even more lives for the Kingdom of God in 2023. Our Big Give offering goal is $300,000. If 1,000 people committed to paying $300 each we are able to accomplish this goal. So we ask that you prayerfully consider contributing to this year’s Big Give by giving here

To participate in Big Give 2022, you can give 4 different ways: