by Daniel Eric Groves
given to WOLC Worship Team

Sunday, September 6, 2020
(Taken from Podcast @ 55:20-58:27)

I heard the Lord say while ya’ll were leading earlier, that there were songs… not, like, a handful, but… a WAVE, coming over this team, over the musicians, over ya’ll’s singers, for the writers, I saw a WAVE, and like songs exponentially coming to the team. Because, God said, they’re needed. It’s necessary to not only release on, through this church, in this region, but this sound is GLOBAL. This sound is to go around the world.

Songs are to reach people in Dubai, in Australia…

Holy Spirit, I ask for Anthems, because when you write an anthem… there’s a doctor visit… our church family will be driving to church singing songs that were written from this house. So, Holy Spirit, breathe…

I’m telling you when you sing, tumors disappear. When you sing, marriages come into alignment. When notes are played, and rhythms are played, songs are released, spiritual warfare begins to breakout. People walk in with suicidal thoughts and walk out filled with life. People walk in with brokenness and feeling like there’s no hope, and walk out with peace.

Here’s the truth: I don’t know ya’ll from anybody, this is my first time here… Here’s the reality: there are a lot of gifted teams in the country, a lot of amazing musicians, and I feel like sometimes we – just kinda normal churchgoer- confuse gifting and say ‘wow, that was really anointed’… but there’s something different that’s happening here, ya’ll are not only gifted, but you’re also ANOINTED.

Because outside of the Anointing, this is Karaoke. But under the anointing, there’s fruit under the anointing… somebody walks up and says, ‘Man, when you were singing and this, …this movement, this peace, this presence of the Living God…and the truth is most people can’t articulate what they fell,…but get ready, I’m telling you, get ready for a WAVE of new songs, and get ready for a ridiculous amount of testimonies to start coming out. Don’t get…don’t get satisfied with them, bt it’s gonna happen a lot. Like, it’s gonna be like (he uses kind of a droning tone here for effect), “yeah, so this is Cheryl, she got a new spleen… This is Kevin, his back was healed, he didn’t have to have surgery… This is Brian, his body was healed…”

Like you’re gonna start reading these testimonies…but don’t get satisfied…just keep pressing on… [end]

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