Script file access successful. (.../wp-content/themes/Avada/pushpay-webhook-page-template.php

No Webhook data.

Attempting to logToFund

{ "status": "Success", "transactionId": "70", "paymentToken": "HgHeIQ-Ui0yJPHtavtS2uQ", "amount": { "amount": "50.00", "currency": "USD", "details": { "base": "50.00" } }, "fund": { "key": "HHYYfSrFYBVYXmuCW2XAvA", "name": "Tithes & Offerings", "code": "100", "taxDeductible": true } }

Transaction fund key: HHYYfSrFYBVYXmuCW2XAvA

The current transaction log is: ""

The current pushpay sync total is: 119.20

Matching post found. ID of post: 25509

looks like the transaction does not exist...

the transaction id is: 70

the transaction log now contains:

Your test is successful for post ID 25509Lastly, the transacton log is: Array

Ok, Next:

[x] Write to the custom field
[ ] Correct $transaction_log having the transactionId in it!

the current transaction log contains: ["70"]